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More often than not, electronic control systems are complex and very demanding. This is perhaps the reason why we simply love taking on challenges in this area so much. This also holds true for the individual control solutions that we are able to develop for you according to your individual requirements. This is exactly what our area of expertise happens to be.

Thanks to the high level of specialisation and experience, we are able to implement control systems for the wide range of requirements. For example, controls that function reliably and boast a long service lifetime even when faced with challenging technical environments. Or even control systems that utilise state of the art operating concepts with touchscreen instead of traditional membrane keyboards, rotary encoders or keys - as are often still common in industrial controls. Moreover, network capability, connecting to apps and web applications as well as the integration into existing process control software are also possible.

One of ELK's latest developments is the BALI control software. Controlled using a graphical user interface, it represents a small revolution in the industrial sector: the familiar operating philosophies we associate with tablets and smartphones have been adapted for use with industrial control systems. This ensures that the operation is both simple and intuitive; as it has already been proven in the initial practical tests carried out in bakery technology. The advantages of BALI can be transferred to a variety of applications. It all depends on how you want to control your success.

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